Why This Blog Is Empty :-(


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Hi!    Thanks for visiting 🙂

Firstly; if you have a personal interest in the re-surgence of Vinyls these days, or even a commercial interest, you are invited to submit an article or a relative blog post that is ‘original’ and written by You to be included here. Feel free to include a link back to your own blog or website so that you might receive a reward for your efforts. I will of course check all submissions and retain the right to refuse any posts that I feel unsuitable.

If you’d like to contribute, please use the contact page in the menu above or below.

Secondly; I have had to empty this blog of all of it’s content for the time being as it was being used to showcase Vinyl releases on Amazon, and since they updated their T’s & C’s recently I’ve decided to withdraw from their affiliate programme.

I shall be adding Vinyls for sale shortly from various sources, until then, please bookmark and pop back regularly to see the progress.

Orrrrrr …. You can sign up to the FRED67.community Newsletter where I shall be keeping subscribers updated.

Thank You ….. Pete Moring.


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The Quiet Revolution‘ – it is working wonders for people in every Country where ‘The Revolution’ has launched .


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